Bathroom - planning lighting correctly

Bathroom - planning lighting correctly

So that you feel really comfortable in the bathroom, you should not least plan the lighting. Because this has an effect on the room atmosphere.

Planning the lighting design for the bathroom

Bathroom lighting should be planned correctly, because it has to fulfill two functions in equal measure. On the one hand, it has to provide enough light for body and facial care. On the other hand, it must also provide for the well-being and an atmospheric room atmosphere. In addition, one does not like it in the morning after getting up too bright, but rather muted. Therefore, the right lighting in the bathroom offers various light sources that are ideally dimmable.

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The usage concept of a bath influences the lighting design. Therefore, you should first consider how the area will be used later, for example, as a guest bathroom or spa paradise for the entire family. At the forefront of planning is safety. Because only luminaires that meet certain requirements may be used.

Bathroom luminaires must be at least splash-proof and comply with corresponding DIN standards. This is important because dangerous situations can occur where moisture and electricity meet. If in doubt, it is advisable to consult a lighting engineer or electrician. Because these experts know exactly which guidelines are important, how the connections are set correctly and how the luminaires are installed.

The right bathroom lighting

Optimal bathroom lighting consists of several light sources. Very important is a general lighting design by ceiling lights. Because it allows you to be well-oriented in the bathroom and detects danger spots - such as splash puddles - faster.

Indispensable for daily facial care is a good mirror lighting. Two identical luminaires, which are mounted to the right and left of the mirror, are ideal for this purpose. Because they light up the face evenly, which is important for shaving and cosmetic applications. In addition, a cross lamp can be mounted above large mirrors. Lamps with opal glass covers scatter the light particularly softly into the room. Spots and halogen spotlights should not be used on the mirror if possible. Because they provide cool light and dazzle.

A colored light in the bathtub or shower cubicle is suitable for accent lighting. This can be, for example, a hand shower that changes color while the water is running. Even indirect light can be included as part of the accent lighting. For this you can install lights in wall shelves or niches.

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