Bathroom Faucets - Save with Comfort

Bathroom Faucets - Save with Comfort

Chic, noble, expensive - modern fittings are usually attached to a touch of luxury. The good news: you can relieve the wallet in the long run.

The beauty of progress is that things become more chic and at the same time more efficient. This also applies to bathroom faucets, which not only look better today, but also save water.

Design as a quality feature

Chrome-plated faucets, which are made of stainless steel or even plastic - the choice of material depends on the budget on the other hand, the individual taste. Why not put some paint in the bathroom and spice it up with a red, blue or black tap? If you prefer modern or classic, you can rely on chrome steel. And no one has said that fixtures belong in the middle of the basin. They also look good on the side.
Since more aggressive cleaning agents are used in the bathroom, quality should always be a part of the purchase decision. Many brand manufacturers therefore rely on surfaces made of solid brass or chrome. But it is not always obvious what is good or bad. The operating element and heart of the Einhebelarmatur for example, the cartridge. Ceramic sealing rings and special lubricants ensure that the lever is as smooth as possible and does not leak after a few years.

The water is under control with mixer or thermostatic valves

Faucets are usually made of mixer taps. These in turn can be roughly differentiated in single-lever and two-hand mixers. The former are more comfortable and once again water-saving. After all, less time is wasted finding the right temperature while the water is running.
If you want to be up to date, think about a thermostatic battery. It reduces water consumption by up to 50 percent. Because a double valve regulates the previously set temperature automatically and can not be deterred by pressure fluctuations. In addition, an integrated scald protection ensures that the water does not get hotter than 38 degrees. But beware. Thermostatic fittings only make sense where well-tempered water is needed as quickly as possible, for example in the shower. The water inlet of a bathtub, for example, may well continue to be a simple two-hand mixer.
Even with classic mixer taps you can save water and money. Quite simply with jet regulators, which are screwed on the tap or with a built-in water brake. Both regulate the flow and thus help automatically to save water.

Changing the mixer tap: what does it cost?

We answer these and many other questions in the price radar on the subject of mixer taps.

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