Barrier-Free Living and Building - What Does It Mean?

Barrier-Free Living and Building - What Does It Mean?

It can hit anyone. Erroneously, it is often assumed that accessibility concerns only senior citizens or physically handicapped persons. It's not like that!

Accessibility - Who's Related to This Subject?

A broken leg or an unpleasant lumbago and everyday life is not working as usual: suddenly, overcoming doorsteps is a challenge and using the too small bath becomes an acrobatic masterpiece. Barrier-free living and building means creating a living situation that sustainably ensures the quality of life of the entire family, regardless of age group. Ensure unrestricted mobility for every living situation by taking into account not only general but also age, disability and child-friendly aspects in your home decor.

The DIN standard 18025 for barrier-free housing

Are structural measures for the implementation of a barrier-free living situation in the private sector is necessary, the DIN standard 18025 is used. It informs about barriers and their elimination, contains requirements, regulations and recommendations and therefore serves as planning basis. In the first part, apartments for wheelchair users and in the second barrier-free housing are thematized. Although the DIN standard 18025 primarily takes into account the needs of disabled and elderly people, it still contains helpful tips that are relevant for every age group.

Securing quality of life - an investment for the future

Stumbling blocks do not have to be! Today, there are advanced solutions that blend in with stylish and stylish home decor. Whether new construction or housing adaptation, awareness and consideration of barrier-free design options create the necessary conditions for comfort and safety, even in old age.

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