Barrier-Free Bath Fun

Barrier-Free Bath Fun

Body care is a problem for elderly or mobility impaired people. Various aids ensure independence.

Replacing a conventional shower tray with a walk-in shower is a benefit for any bathroom. Even for wheelchair users, this option offers the opportunity to take care of your own personal hygiene. But many people do not want to give up a bath or need medical additives in the bath water. Showering is therefore not always sufficient to meet all requirements.

It is only with great difficulty that access to the bathtub can be made barrier-free. A sturdy grab bar is useful, but not enough for the fewest people with disabilities. In order to make it easy to reach the tub, it makes sense to retrofit a door, install a tub with a door instead of the existing tub or use a lifting seat.

Which solution is best depends on the type of disability and disability

Care for the aged - Bathtubs with doors

The option only makes sense if the people who use the bath are able to master a small step. You should also be able to wash yourself, as the door offers no relief to a carer.

Doors can be retrofitted into all bathtubs, including shower trays and bathtubs. Door and professional installation cost at least 1,500 euros, on average, but fall from 2,000 to 2,500 euros. The installation hardly causes any kind of dirt, a renovation of the bathroom is not necessary.

A bath with a door costs between 2,000 and 3,000 euros. Without renovation, the replacement of a normal bath against a door is hardly possible. Although these tubs are quite expensive, builders should always opt for such tubs. With age, everyone will appreciate a door in the tub. In addition, the entry through the door is more comfortable and safer. A climb into the tub or out of it has already brought some healthy people to the hospital. You can slip out at any age and a stable stand has no one over the edge of the tub rises.

Lifting seats for optimum comfort

A lifting seat is a device for bathtubs with door. The seat is in the up position when the bather enters the tub. He can sit on the lift seat. Now he can let in water and sit down with the seat down to the bottom of the tub. To leave the tub, he drives the seat back up. This design is useful for people who have trouble getting up without assistance.

An existing tub and door can be upgraded with a pre-upgrade kit. As a rule, a new bathtub with seat is needed. Such systems cost around 6,000 euros and offer maximum comfort and the security of being able to bathe without assistance even in the case of considerable movement restrictions.

Tip: Plan ahead and choose a bath with door and pre-upgrade kit for the upcoming bathroom renovation. If necessary, the lifting seat can be easily installed.

Lifting aids for the most severe restrictions

Lifting aids are frames or devices on the ceiling. The disabled person sits in a kind of loop and can be put into the tub without effort from a bed or a wheelchair. The aid makes it easier for a caregiver to wash this person. An independent body care is hardly possible.

These devices cost well over 10,000 euros. The costs of these systems are often taken over by nursing or health insurance companies.

What aids should it be for bathing?

In general, people of all ages when installing a bathroom should remember that restrictions on movement can be expected with increasing age. Homeowners are on the safe side with a special tub in which a lift seat can be integrated. Although it costs a little more than a tub with door, but offers the greatest security for the future.

The installation of a tub with door without lifting system is not advisable. Here is the risk that later a sitz bath is impossible, simply because you are no longer able to get up in the tub from the sitting position.

Subsequent door installation in an existing tub is always advisable when acute the problem is that one of the residents can no longer use the bath. The solution is reasonably priced and does not require any major refurbishment measures.

Important: Grants for barrier-free removal are possible for all systems. Builders should consult with the house bank before starting construction.

Thinking about age in time

A bath stays for decades. It makes no sense to select only the optics. It should still be easy to use even after many years.

Installing a bathtub: what does it cost?

We answer these and many other questions in the price radar around the topic of bathtub installation.

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