Banana peel as fertilizer

Banana peel as fertilizer

Are bananas a useful fertilizer?

Banana peels are made up of proteins, fiber components and minerals, among other things. Among the latter are mainly important for plants substances potassium, magnesium, sulfur, phosphate, sodium and silica. These ingredients make the yellow peel a suitable biological fertilizer.

Which banana peels are suitable?

Those who want to plant banana peels in their garden should buy organic fruits. Conventionally grown bananas are treated with various chemical agents during cultivation and transport to prevent pests and disease. These chemicals can then be used on crops and fruits in the home garden if the yellow peel is used as a fertilizer.

Fruits from organic farming, on the other hand, are sprayed with natural active ingredients and harm neither man nor nature.

How to use them correctly ?

Banana peels are a useful substitute for magnesium and potassium fertilizers. The gardener cuts the fresh yellow fruit shells into small pieces and sets them down in the garden bed or the earth. There, the shells rot and release the minerals contained. Bananas are especially suitable as rose fertilizers - use a peel per plant.

Alternatively, the banana peels can be dried and then processed into fertilizer. Lay out the bowls on a grid over the winter and allow to dry completely. Chop in spring with a knife or food processor. The dried trays are particularly suitable for mulching around young plants and seedlings - while mixing with bark mulch, grass clippings or leaves.

Important when fertilizing with banana peels: Each plant has different needs, in terms of their nutritional needs. If necessary, they can be supplemented by fertilizers. In composted form, banana peels enrich the coffee grounds and compost with their high potassium content.

Use trays for fertilization - yes or no?

Banana peels are suitable as garden fertilizers due to their mineral content. Important: Use unprocessed fruits from organic farming.

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