Banana boxes are just one thing: totally banana!

Banana boxes are just one thing: totally banana!

Marc Mingstein must know. The editor-in-chief of the journal of the furniture forwarder advises Selbstumzüglern one: Be a ban on banana boxes.

Soso. So you want or "have to move". Otherwise you would hardly read anything here. Surely that's not your first guide you read. And certainly not your first move. So you also know the well-intentioned advice of friends, gossips and internet blogs: "If you want to save money, just take banana boxes from the supermarket". Hardly a day goes by without us reporting in the editorial office.
And now comes the request from the professional: Make a lot of things during your move, but definitely avoid the supermarket boxes. The only thing that distinguishes a banana box is the excellent stackability in the truck. But otherwise a banana box is only one thing: totally banana! The things are sharp-edged, have sullied, inwardly rounded corners and especially one thing: a big hole in the middle. What should you please stow it well and safely? And if you've ever carried 20 or 30 banana boxes out of the house, your hands are usually cut deep red from the impossible punched handles.
That you want to save money when moving is human. And understandable. I do not want to persuade you here that you absolutely need a relocation expert who covers your floorboards and applies edge protection in the hallway. Otto normal tenant does not itch as a rule. But I ask you for one, on behalf of your friends and relatives, or the relocation squad that can lug your belongings out: Do not save on the boxes! Do not order the corrugated cardboard box at the cheapest online shop. And do not buy one-euro cartons in the remnants market. You want to transport your things with it, and do it in the best possible way. So, when you move, at least for one thing, put more money in your hands: for the boxes. Also sell furniture forwarders and / or lend the pro goods at a really low price, even to Selbstumzieher. And you get the used for example on almost all classifieds pages. Rule of thumb: If the name of a large or known furniture shipping company is printed on the boxes, you have gotten the real professional goods.
Good cartons are also allowed to knock someone in the hallway, and the bottom will not crack even in overloaded book boxes Stack pieces of them on top of each other without the tower giving way. Sure, that's a sum if you spend 160 euros instead of 80 euros for 80 boxes. But professional cartons make five to six moves, which means: You can usually sell the boxes almost lossless after your move back to the next. Or you can store them in the basement until one of your friends moves. And let's be honest: Have you ever torn 80 banana boxes glued with thermo glue on the waste paper container? You do not want to have this a second time in your life!

About the Author

Marc Mingstein is the editor-in-chief of the magazine for the furniture forwarder. The publication is published monthly by Brandeis Verlag und Medien and is aimed at entrepreneurs and decision-makers in the furniture transport and logistics industry.

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