Bamboo tiles for the terrace - advantages and disadvantages

Bamboo tiles for the terrace - advantages and disadvantages

Bamboo planks look classy. Thanks to its robustness and weather resistance, bamboo tiles are ideal for laying on the terrace.

Properties of bamboo

Bamboo, which has its origins in Asia, is one of the herbs of the grass with its hollow stalks. Some species grow up to a meter per day. Tropical woods need about 60 years to mature, bamboo grass an average of five years. This makes bamboo an extremely sustainable raw material.

Bamboo fibers are pressed, that is, bundled and mixed with water-resistant resins during production. The soaking in oil results in a long durability and durability of the planks.

Advantages of bamboo boards as decking

The material properties make bamboo boards durable and versatile. The wood is weatherproof and ideal for outdoor use, such as a terrace. Since bamboo is a hard wood, the decking boards are particularly sturdy, resistant to tread and dimensionally stable.

Bamboo boards do not require any special surface treatment or oiling like many other board boards. The maintenance effort is very low, maintenance costs are hardly or not at all. To remove dirt, cleaning once a year is sufficient.

The material looks classy and the wooden surface creates a warm ambience. Decking made of bamboo is available in a fine and coarsely ribbed structure. The colors of the planks vary in dark brown, black or neutral tones and can be combined well with various patio furniture.

A cheap alternative to real bamboo boards is bamboo veneer. For laying, the sheets are pressed onto a thin carrier plate and mounted on the substructure. Another alternative is WPC planks, where WPC stands for wood-polymer composite, a composite of wood and plastic.

Disadvantages of using bamboo for the terrace

Bamboo is not native to Europe, it is an import necessary. This is reflected not only in the price, but also represents an environmental impact through the long transport route.

Another disadvantage is the cost. Decking costs about 50 euros per square meter. Bamboo planks require attachment to a special substructure made of the same material. This is a further cost of about ten euros per meter.

Bamboo decking is a good choice

Bamboo planks lend a timeless elegance to the high-quality look of each terrace. Due to their characteristics such as robustness and durability, bamboo decking boards are comparable to other tropical wood floorboards. Another aspect that speaks in favor of the material is its sustainability through rapid plant growth.

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