Bamboo Blind - Lightweight and Easy Different

Bamboo Blind - Lightweight and Easy Different

The possibilities of installing a sunblind on the window are almost unlimited. In addition to blinds, pleated blinds and venetian blinds, there is also the option with roller blinds.

In addition to blinds, pleats and slatted curtains, there is also the option of having blinds to keep the sun out of the room. Especially this modern type of sunscreen is very popular. Of course, there are a variety of different models, colors and fabrics for these products. However, if you attach great importance to a natural ambience, you should opt for a bamboo roller blind. A little touch of Asian lifestyle can be obtained in any case with this exceptional sunscreen. Like any other roller blind, this product is usually attached to the wall or ceiling. Even for a healthy environment makes a small contribution when a bamboo blind is purchased. The largest part of this sunscreen is a natural product and biodegradable.

No bamboo roller blind is like the other

A bamboo blind is an absolute natural product and no roller blind is like the other. This is what makes a sunscreen made of a natural material so special. The bamboo ribs used can be narrower or wider and thus make the light incidence appear different. Even small irregularities on the bamboo blind are not a defect, but the expression of a natural material. Bamboo is very versatile and therefore you can choose between flat and round bamboo sticks. Especially charming and varied is a product that alternates between flat and round sticks. Often, a bamboo blind is quite intertwined, which provides greater stability of the shade. The top rail can be made of a sturdy wood or in the name of this Asian grass with a thicker bamboo stick. The bamboo blind is pulled up and lowered with a side drawstring. Using a cord brake, it can be adjusted individually to the respective lighting conditions. Of course, these blinds are available in natural colors, such as nature, beige, dark brown or gray. Sounds that fit well in any interior and create a natural ambience.

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