Balcony refurbished and beautified in Teltow

Balcony refurbished and beautified in Teltow

A leaky gutter can have nasty consequences as rainwater gets to places it should not. That could, for example, affect the walls of the building. Jörg N. in Teltow had had a rain gutter on the balcony for years, so that rainwater had penetrated the balcony floor and caused the plywood to be completely rotted. That made the balcony a dangerous place and the balcony railing an unreliable stop. Accordingly, a lot of work had to be done: the gutter and balcony railing had to be dismantled, polystyrene removed, plywood and insulation replaced, then everything plastered and new balcony railing as well as rain gutter.

The extensive order received the company Shasivari Bauausführungen from Berlin. She carried out the refurbishment measures and provided the balcony with a beautiful parapet painted in reddish brown - now you can lean back against it and relax on the balcony.

Satisfied with the implementation, Jörg N .: wrote: "Very competent, very friendly , great advice ... very gladly again! "

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