Balcony Plants in Germany

Balcony Plants in Germany

Flowers in window boxes a long tradition in Germany and they do not compete for nothing year after year, their splendor is still a welcome sight.

balcony decoration in spring

Pansies from the group of violets - botanical Viola - are available in countless shades of color. They shine from cheerful yellow over warm orange, distinguished dark red to bluish tints. Pansies are frugal and fit well with other early-flowering plants in trays or in window boxes. Bellis perennis, popularly known as daisies, tailors, or miller's, are among the early flowering plants.

Primroses, botanically called primula, also like to decorate the window boxes in spring.

Pansies, primroses and bellis can be found in the sun, in partial shade or in shady locations

Summer balcony flowers for shady areas

This is where the popular fuchsias, botanical fuchsia, feel very well, because they tolerate no direct sunlight , Many new varieties have come onto the market in recent years. Fuchsia is available with smaller and larger flowers, hanging or standing.

The industrious Lieschen, botanical Impatiens walleriana, is one of the classics among the balcony flowers for the shadow area. While it used to be the small-flowered forms that enchanted the eye, there are now new varieties with larger flowers.

The hydrangeas, which are botanically named Hydrangea, are rather shady. They like a potting soil that is more in a slightly acidic environment and a suitable fertilizer.

Summer balcony flowers for sun and partial shade

Männertreu, botanical Lobelia, can tolerate this location. Lobelia is available in white and blue as well as in pink. This beauty with the small florets is particularly suitable for hanging arrangements.

Begonias, botanical Begonia, love the sun, but still thrive in partial shade. In addition to wonderful white varieties, they are also available in champagne tones and with a delicate fragrance.

Summer Balcony Flowers - Sunbathers

Pelargoniums, popularly called geraniums, are the most preferred flowers for the boxes and bowls on the balcony and terrace. Standing or hanging, they shine far and wide with their powerful colors. Geraniums are often planted together with the long-hanging Duftheinrich or with Gundermann. That's the best way to enhance their beauty. "The same fondness for warm sunbathing is maintained by petunia, botanically Petunia. It ranges from delicate pastel colors to rich dark reds. With their graceful flowers they conjure up the summer on balcony and terrace.

For flowers in window boxes and in plant shells are long-term or regularly administered flowering fertilizers. All flowers should be regularly wiped away.

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