Balcony extension: the dream of free space

Balcony extension: the dream of free space

Would you like fresh air? Balconies can easily be added to most houses at a later date. They increase the quality of living and the value of the property.

Building balconies is easier than many think: Almost all houses and apartments can be complemented by an open-air room without the need for huge investments or conversions. Also, an architect does not necessarily have to be turned on.

Balcony annexation: what options are there?

Of course architects can design the balcony to match the house and the living environment. In addition, they get the necessary building permits right away. As a rule, balconies are subject to approval, as local building guidelines, development plans and, if necessary, also the protection of historic monuments must be taken into account.

Naturally, the home builders can also take care of the legal issues themselves. And as an alternative to individual architect design, balcony construction companies also offer system models or special solutions made of steel, aluminum or wood. Three variants are available:

Balconies on columns, girders or firmly anchored

Variant one is the self-supporting balcony extension on columns. In general, this is the cheapest solution, since hardly any significant changes to the house must be made. Regardless of the statics of the house own construction carries the balcony: It only needs to be attached to the facade. The only change to the outer wall will be the balcony door.

Sometimes, however, the columns can interfere - for example, in driveways, at parking lots or purely visually. Then we recommend the variant with balcony beams, which are fixed in the wall. For this, a secure statics and a solid masonry is required. The third possibility is the invisible cultivation: The balcony girders are anchored firmly in the floor of the floor. Provided the ceiling is made of concrete or a similarly stable material.

What are the costs of balcony installation?

Size, material and construction are the most important factor. In addition, there are the costs for assembly, planning application and approval fees. With a few thousand euros per balcony, the builders have to calculate. But simple solutions can already be implemented in the four-digit range. Some balcony growers offer accurate online calculators and promise implementation within a few hours or days.

Even tenants can grow balconies

If the landlord agrees, even tenants can realize their own balcony desire. The costs are often shared or the residents accept a rent increase. In the case of an impairment such as shadows, the neighbors' okay must also be obtained. But if it is a multi-family house with several owners, may be grown only after approval of all homeowners. But then there is nothing in the way of the dream of free space.

To grow a balcony: what does it cost?

We answer these and many other questions in the price radar around the topic of balcony.

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