Balcony and terrace floors in a natural look

Balcony and terrace floors in a natural look

Wooden floors in the outdoor area are hip - no wonder they are modern, comparatively cheap and increase the living comfort.

Whether tiles, stone or wood - the individual taste can be argued. But at least as important is the overall composition of the house. If the rest of the living space is dedicated to the country house style, not every stone terrace will fit automatically. On the other hand, the exterior also fulfills its purpose as a pleasant counterpart: Generous wooden terraces set accents and enrich an otherwise rather cool and modern apartment with a comfortable outdoor area.

Try cozy atmosphere

For the wood look, homeowners do not always have to go deep into the Grab a bag. In most cases, no major construction measures are necessary - in contrast to natural stone or concrete terraces. The wood tiles can easily be laid over existing flooring. Add to that the pleasant feel - anyone who has walked barefoot on a wooden terrace once in the summer already knows it.
And the assembly is relatively easy. Either professionals screw the planks onto a frame or they use wooden tiles. These are more flexible and ideal for balconies because they adapt to any size. For larger terraces, an intermediate solution often makes sense: system floorboards. Although they look like a classic wooden deck, they can be laid floating like tiles.

Eyes open when buying wood

The erosive power of nature has shaped entire landscapes. And since terraces or balconies have to withstand wind and weather 24 hours a day, the wood should meet the highest standards. The harder the better. Tropical outdoor woods are popular, especially the Southeast Asian Bangkirai. However, the FSC seal for sustainable forestry should not be missing here. But why actually wander into the distance? Domestic hardwoods such as oak, ash or larch are also ideal. Also pine woods can be made resistant with appropriate thermal treatment and are suitable for outdoor use. And who is willing to spend a little more: Robinienhölzer are extremely popular because of their longevity. Grill fans are a bit cautious: fire and wood are not necessarily compatible. A metal protection for the soil works wonders here.

There are special oils for the care of the woods. However, every type of wood has its own characteristics. Common: Once a year to grab the oil bottle. Before rubbing in, the wood must be clean and dry. Previous roughening or sanding makes it easier to retract the oil. For only with the right care are wooden terraces or balconies a good investment in your own living comfort.

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