Bathroom renovation well planned and without stress

Bathroom renovation well planned and without stress

If the bath is to be renovated or renovated, everything should be well and thoroughly planned in advance.

What's new in the bathroom

Bathtub, shower, washbasin, toilet - there are so many products in this area so it's hard to choose. Without careful planning, a renovation of the bathroom is almost impossible. Since the bathroom should then be up to date for the next 10 to 25 years, the planning must be forward-looking. Incidentally, a barrier-free bathroom is not just something for older people: Even parents with small children are happy when there are no pitfalls in the bathroom. That makes sense, because in this way room layout and color effect can be better coordinated in advance. Especially if your bathroom is very small and no structural enlargement is possible, clever systems can make good use of all available space and even create a true space miracle from a tiny little bathroom.

After planning, teamwork ensures a stress-free miracle

have a lot of time and a clever hand craftsmanship? Congratulations! Because especially in the renovation of the bathroom a few different skills needed: The electrician laid new electric cables and connects the electric underfloor heating error-free. The installer ensures that broken pipe and blockage are foreign words and builds washbasin, toilet and shower shake-free. The tiler transfers the tiles for floor and walls. Heating plumber, painter, drywall are also needed depending on the size of the construction project. Since it is important that the work is well coordinated, finally, for example, a screed only needs drying time before it can be tiled. At MyHammer you will find experienced professionals who know what is important in a bathroom renovation.

Renovate the bathroom: what does it cost?


These and many other questions we answer on our theme page around the bathroom renovation!

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