Awning fabrics - high requirements

Awning fabrics - high requirements

Anyone looking for an awning fabric today will receive it not only beautiful colors and patterns, but first and foremost a high quality.

Innovative materials and manufacturing techniques make it possible to treat the modern awning fabrics extremely easy-care. This is very important because they are usually exposed to a variety of weather conditions. They also fulfill the requirements of today's awning fabrics for a long service life and, after a certain period of time, they should still look attractive. For a long time, they have not only been a beautiful design element, but also very effectively protect against damaging UV rays. A patio space is usually aligned to the south side and the blazing sun burns there often throughout the afternoon. Yet a soft light falls through these awning fabrics, which ensure a pleasant and cool climate underneath. Not only in the private sector is created with these attractive fabrics a great atmosphere, also in the commercial sector, especially in the catering, one knows this advantage very much appreciated.

Awning fabrics - innovative materials

The various awning fabrics are consistently high quality Materials and manufactured in modern manufacturing techniques. For products made from 100% polyacrylic fabric, each fiber is coated with very fine nozzles, giving it the highest color and light fastness. Of course, these substances are still treated with an impregnation. A Teflon coating is used very often, which has the advantage that the fabric is water repellent. This impregnation also protects against dirt and grease and oil-containing residues. A good water-repellent structure is very important, otherwise the fabric would absorb too much water and the increased weight could cause the fabric to break. These acrylics are good for awnings that are retracted in the evening or in bad weather. Then there are awning fabrics that can withstand a permanent load due to any weather. Constant rain and strong sun can not harm them. The material is the synthetic fiber PVC. The surface of these awning fabrics is highly resistant to bad weather and dirt. This awning fabric is simply cleaned with soapy water. However, PVC awning fabrics have much more weight than the usual fabrics and need a stable attachment.

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