Away with noise: Quiet home appliances for modern living concepts

Away with noise: Quiet home appliances for modern living concepts

Open living areas are in vogue. Quiet household appliances spare people's nerves when living between the kitchen and the living room takes place.

More and more people live in modern apartments with an open living area with attached kitchen. But when the dishwasher gurgles during operation, the fridge hums permanently and the cooker hood is in operation during meal preparation, the open living area can become a real nerve burden.

Renowned manufacturers are therefore working on household appliances that adapt to modern conditions and " whisper quiet "or" super quiet ".

Modern home appliances are "whisper quiet"

Nowadays, modern appliances are so quiet that they can be in the evening entertainment or while watching TV, without being disturbed. They have a high-quality technical equipment with high energy efficiency. Some washing machines or dishwashers even have night programs that allow the units to operate at night without disturbing the occupants while asleep.

The terms "whisper quiet" or "Silence Edition" are used for the modern appliances Of course, it is not absolutely noiseless.

Away with the gurgling refrigerator and the babbling dishwasher

A loud refrigerator in the kitchen is just as annoying as a rippling dishwasher that runs after work when you're alone would like to enjoy a glass of wine and a good conversation.

Bosch is putting an end to buzzing refrigerators. In its "quiet collection", the device manufacturer has released a refrigerator that brings it to just 34 decibels, which is equivalent to a conversation in whisper. Even the dishwasher only reaches a noise level of 38 to 39 decibels.

At Siemens, residents of open-plan living spaces find an extractor hood that uses a new technology and a particularly quiet motor that is additionally insulated. In normal operation, the hood reaches a value of no more than 51 decibels, which corresponds to the noise level of a normal conversation.

Vacuuming and talking on the phone is possible with modern devices.

A loud vacuum cleaner can be annoying. New models promise to be "super quiet". Sometimes they have a noise level of just 69 decibels, such as the Miele device. Some vacuum cleaners even reach values ​​as low as 61 decibels, which is the volume of a conversation. This makes it possible to talk on the phone or relax while listening to the radio.

Look at the energy label to compare volume levels

One thing is certain: noise not only annoys but also makes you sick in the long run. New energy labels show the noise emission of the device. It is worthwhile to compare the volume levels of household appliances before buying.

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