Watering the Flowers Automatically - Watering on Holiday

Watering the Flowers Automatically - Watering on Holiday

Holidays at last - but what about the plants? Smart irrigation systems ensure automatic flower-casting during your absence.

The flowers are thirsty even when they are on holiday

Leisure time is only really fun when everyone is well looked after. This also applies to the flowers left at home. If no nice people are available for this task, the watering system has to take over an automatic irrigation system.

This is especially important on warm days when the plants are dying of thirst and excessive dryness will soon kill them. If the holiday irrigation is done with the right system, the plants will stay fresh and after the holiday there will be no nasty surprises.

Pour automatically with clay cones

One way to water the potted plants are clay cones. These conical tubes are filled with water and inserted into the potting soil. A hose connects the cone to a container filled with fresh water. As soon as the soil reaches a certain degree of dryness, water automatically flows into the soil via the hose and supplies the plant. The good thing about this system is that it can be used over time.

Using the Blumat Irrigation System

With the Drip Blumat, the flowers really get as much water as they actually need. The function runs via a self-regulating sensor. This ensures that the liquid is released slowly via a dropper to the flowers. In addition, the tax can even be adjusted to the respective plant size. Because the system is changeable, it is applicable to many types of potted plants.

There is also a Blumat water dispenser that is only suitable for indoor plants. Its function is similar to irrigation with clay cones. To get to the water, you need to tap a water container that stands next to the flowers.

Use a homemade water dispenser

If the vacation is short-lived, automatic watering can also work with a home-made irrigation system. For this purpose, a large plastic bottle is filled with water and sealed with the screw cap.

Then small holes are drilled in the lid. For the liquid to get into the potting soil and finally to the plants, the bottle must be stuck with the opening down in the ground.

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