Aromatherapy bath for the senses: wellness and relaxation for your home

Aromatherapy bath for the senses: wellness and relaxation for your home

An aromatic bath made of essential oils in the bath tub serves for relaxation, stimulation or encouragement. Ideal for taking a break.

Especially in our busy times, it's important to relax regularly to do something good for your body and mind. A flavor bath is a good option. Depending on the essences used, the bath can be used for relaxation, stimulation, encouragement or refreshment. With a flavor bath you can pamper the body and provide relaxation, healing or stimulation of the circulation. Bathing with essential oils prevents disease and strengthens the organism.

What is a flavor bath and how does it work?

Extracts from flowers, herbs, leaves or resins have been used for centuries to cultivate beauty. It was known early that fragrances affect our well-being. Each fragrance evokes different emotions and has a different effect on our mood.

A flavor bath is made up of essential oils that are distilled using a special process to extract the precious essences from the plants. The scent of the essential oils stimulates the senses and releases positive stimuli.

The best-known aromas for soothing baths are thyme, rosemary, cloves, lemon, eucalyptus or chamomile. But lavender, which has a relaxing effect on body and soul or mandarin scent that encourages and vanilla balancing, are great bath products for a spa

Aroma baths can not only affect the mood, but also tighten the tissue, relieve skin problems and help Detoxify.

How to create a soothing bath with essential oils

Those who can not put together their own mixture in the pharmacy always need an emulsifier in addition to the selected essential oil so that the oil does not float on the surface of the water. In addition to ten drops of essential oil, honey, milk, buttermilk, cream or bath salts can be added to the 36 to 38 ° C full bath as an emulsifier.

After about ten minutes the deep relaxation begins, after about 20 minutes the time is reached, by using the regeneration phase of body and mind. The effect is enhanced when soft light stimulation, fog or soft relaxing music accompanies the relaxing bath.

Pay attention to the quality of the oils

Only natural essential oil can produce the desired effect. The label provides information about the quality of the essential oil. Information on the parent plant, the botanical name of the processed plant, the country of production, the plant part used, the method of cultivation and the method of extraction are important as information. Ideally, the ingredients should be organic (eg organic) or Demeter quality.

Other quality features include a child safety seal and bottle warnings. It is advisable to buy the essential oils for the aroma bath always in the pharmacy or in the health food store, only then one can rely on the quality and get a consultation, which oil fits best.

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