Architect houses - cost calculation of an individual house

Architect houses - cost calculation of an individual house

Individual architect-designed houses do not have to be a priceless dream. If you stick to some rules, you will get your "Maß-Haus" at a reasonable price.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Architects' Houses

Houses have a reputation for being much more expensive than prefabricated houses or other prefabricated houses construction plans. Of course, an individual plan increases the cost of the house.

The individual drawing of the plan usually costs only 2,000 to 3,000 euros. Most of the architect's achievements, such as the construction management, are in any case incurred by the prefabricated house.

The individual planning of a house has another disadvantage: Many builders have no concrete idea of ​​what their dream home should look like. Above all, they lack experience. They are unable to imagine what the house will look like based on the drawing.

For such a home, it speaks that a good architect plans the house according to the wishes and needs of the client. It depends on the size of the family and the lifestyle of its customers.

Prefabricated houses usually have a typical floor plan with small bedrooms and children's bedrooms and a huge living space. In the architect's house equally large rooms or a tiny living room are possible.

Another plus for the architect is the individual advice and the possibility to plan in-house services right from the start. Physically fit and skilled builders can pull up the walls themselves and do a large part of the interior work alone. This option does not exist on prefabricated houses.

Many home builders choose to gradually build their dream home. On request, the architect plans a core house with possibility of attachment. So the builder can live in the house and build on time and capital. This is also impossible with finished houses.

Finding an Architect

Architects do not practice their profession in secret. They are available on the Internet and in the telephone book. Many have a homepage that gives those interested an impression of their work.

Ideally, builders choose a company that is located in the community or at least in the state. They know the building regulations and know what is usual in the village. In addition, they have good contacts with the authorities and the construction companies. A circumstance that facilitates planning permission and construction.

Construction companies, friends and acquaintances often know a good architect. Many specialize in certain styles, such as "modern", "eco" or "playful." A little background knowledge is useful in finding the right architect for the dream home.

An excellent address to find an architect is The Association of German Architects (BDA) The association provides a simple search mask to find an architect suitable for the project.

Cost-effective and individual construction

The most important thing is to build the architect over the desire of a budget house In addition, the expert should already know in the planning phase, which work the landlord performs himself.

A major cost factor is the basement.He caused between seven and eight percent of the total construction costs.In most houses can accommodate above ground storerooms. For home automation, there are niches under stairs or compact systems in the bathroom.

The smaller the house, the cheaper it is it builds. Here the architect is required, so that no living space is lost through corridors. Cleverly planned, a hallway only needs an area of ​​four square meters to connect four living spaces. The passage through rooms is superfluous.

One cubic meter of enclosed space is between 300 and 500 euros. On average, each square meter of additional floor space costs 1,500 euros. The size of the house is a major cost factor.

A compact straight-line design also helps reduce costs. A dormer increases the construction costs by at least 1,500 euros and a balcony by 4,000 euros.

Incidentally, it makes sense to use standardized prefabricated parts. Uniform standard window and door sizes make construction less costly.

Tips for people with less money

Many builders opt for expensive material for interior fittings. Here can save a lot by simpler equipment. In kitchens and bathrooms, a simple tile base made of cheap tiles is sufficient. Room-high precious tiles or natural stone floors are a significant cost factor. Tip: look for remnants.

In adjoining rooms, a coat of paint on the walls is enough instead of expensive wallpapers. Flooring does not always have to be, painting with liquid plastic is a good alternative.

Not all windows are needed to ventilate the house. Usually you need a window to open each room. The installation of reasonably priced fixed glazing on the ground floor usually makes sense. These windows can be cleaned from the outside.

Long-term planning

Homebuilding creates an object that the client and his family presumably live in until the end of their lives. Much can happen in the course of a lifetime. For this reason, planning ahead is important and easy to implement for architects.

A large room with a coherent window front can later only be divided up with great effort. If the room has two smaller windows, it is sufficient to move in a wall to get two rooms.

For non-load-bearing interior walls, drywall makes sense. This makes it easier to make one of two rooms later. If the children are out of the house, their rooms can be converted into a spacious living room.

Two bathrooms are not necessarily luxury. They make it possible to make two small ones out of one big flat. Maybe the parents can be moved into the house later or rooms can be rented.

Savings overview



Savings potential

Building walls of the house itself

Time, skill and Force required

10 to 15 percent of the building costs

Building a small house

Avoiding corridors and large ancillary rooms

1,500 euros per square meter

Compact and straight build

no dormers, bay windows or balconies

1,500 euros per dormer

4,000 euros per balcony

install standardized windows and doors

if possible only use one size

100 to 150 euros per component

fixed glazing instead of window

per room plan a window to open

outside of the glass must be accessible for cleaning

250 euros per window

no rooms tiled to the ceiling

use cheap tiles

10 to 15 euros per square meter of saved tiles

Waiver of a cellar

Building services must be subordinated elsewhere

7 to 8 percent of the construction costs

Anyone who takes everything into consideration can get an architect house with a floor area of ​​100 square meters for between € 125,000 and € 150,000.

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