Antique wall design with style

Antique wall design with style

If you want to emphasize the old rustic character of a house, you should suggest it

Wall design or real structure of an old technique

In general, it should first be decided whether the wall should look like antique or whether a real antique design technique is used. If you want to use the positive effect of old techniques, you must plaster the wall accordingly. But this only makes sense if the wall itself was built in a traditional way.

Overall, the trend towards healthy living has led to a return to old traditional techniques of wall design. However, it must not be forgotten that a thin layer of plaster has only a slight positive effect on the indoor climate. In modern reinforced concrete houses with plasterboard or cement plaster wall coverings, it does not make much sense to apply clay plaster.

Ancient plastering techniques are back in the limelight

Clay plastering is becoming increasingly popular in the context of the trendy country house style and shabby chic. Finished in a spatula technique, this render gives a room an unusual rustic look and at the same time it can have a climate-balancing effect.

If it's just about the look, special wallpaper, "plaster from the roll", should be used. Also different wiping techniques and wall colors look antique. Anyone who has a tendency towards old furniture can therefore implement a suitable antique wall design in each building.

Design with plaster

The classic among the noble wall designs is stucco, from antiquity to modern times. In old palaces and rental houses from the Wilhelminian era, there are still well-preserved plaster works on ceilings and walls. If you want to revive this style in a newly built apartment, you do not always have to have a plasterer come by. Finished stucco moldings or styrofoam bodies can be excellently used as a replacement for real stucco.

If you prefer this form of antique wall design, you need high ceilings and papered with brocade wallpaper. Individual stucco rosettes are also perfect for modern homes.

Patina for the wall

An antique rustic look can also be achieved by patinating. In this technique, the wall is completely removed from the wallpaper and painted with normal wall paint, to which one third of water has been added. If this layer is dry, further coats of more dilute paint in darker tones. The highly diluted colors dry up transparently, leaving a touch of color on the wall. This creates a weathered-looking wall that perfectly suits Shabby Chic.

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