Amber tree - soil and planting tips

Amber tree - soil and planting tips

The Amberbaum reminiscent of maple. It grows compact and is therefore ideal for the small garden. Votes earth and care, it shows its most beautiful side.

Hints to earth and location

The Amberbaum (botanical Liquidambar styraciflua) originates from North America. As there are similar climatic conditions in Central Europe, cultivation also succeeds here. Attention should be paid to choosing the appropriate location before planting.

  • Choose a loamy, fresh and nutrient-rich substrate.
  • Choose full sunshine location.
  • The light tree does not tolerate exposure to light shade.
  • Choose a place
  • Optimal locations: near house walls, walls or other plants.
  • Attention when choosing a location: the tree can not tolerate subsequent changes of location.

Amberbaum - Planting Tips

Especially young Amberbäume are sensitive to cold and other weather conditions. It is therefore advisable to put the plants in a bucket. If necessary, the gardener can protect it from the weather. The following points are also important in planting:

  • Optimum planting time in spring.
  • Loosen up sand on firm substrate;
  • Measure the planting hole: at least twice the size of the roots.
  • Insert the plant so deeply that the finishing point is just below the surface.
  • Fill up with loose soil.
  • Water all over
  • Additionally use a pole to stabilize the plant; Fix the trunk to the pole with a string.

How to Care

In the first years after planting, the tree needs a lot of attention and care. Once the plant has become accustomed to its location, it delights the gardener with its decorative autumn color as well as pretty flowers and fruits. The following points should be noted with regard to care:

  • Pour the plant so that the soil is always slightly moist.
  • The sweetness tree does not tolerate dryness.
  • In hot summers, pay attention to regular water supply; watering is best done.
  • Provide mineral fertilizer from May to September; Fertilize every 14 days; then water well.
  • Regular shape cut not necessary;
  • propagation via seeds possible.
  • hibernation: protect young trees by piling up straw, brushwood or mulch; To overwinter container plants in the house; no additional winter protection required for adult plants.

Amber tree - intensive care pays off

In the first few years, the sweetgum tree is maintenance-intensive. If the gardener observes some tips for soil, plants and care, this time will pass easily.

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