Amaryllis Care - Checklist

Amaryllis Care - Checklist

The giant flowers of the Amaryllis (Hippeastrum), also known as the Knights' Star , impress with unique colors and drawings.

Caring for Room Amaryllis and Hibernating

  • Plant bulbs in standard unit earth between December and February. It may be covered with substrate up to half maximum.
  • After planting vigorously, always from below, the onion should not get wet.
  • Best placed in a suitable coaster.
  • A sunny location is now ideal. From May to September, Hippeastrum can also be outdoors.
  • Water regularly during the growing season.
  • Fertilize monthly with a liquid fertilizer.
  • Cut flower stalk only when completely withered.
  • Continue to pour and fertilize until August
  • Stop pouring and fertilizing from the end of August.
  • Leave leaves on the onion until completely withered.
  • Remove withered leaves and keep the onion cool, but frost-free and dry.
  • Ab Plant the onion in fresh soil and lightly moisten the substrate.
  • Now set the whole thing bright and room warm.
  • Once the flower stalk is about 10 cm high, pour again moderately. The new flowers then appear in January.

Garden Amaryllis Maintain and Hibernate

  • The garden amaryllis will be planted 2-3 times as deep as their onion is thick from March, ie about 15 cm.
  • In a tub planting, the onion neck must peer out of the ground.
  • Sunny to partially shaded and sheltered location.
  • Take care of sufficient space because of the expansively growing leaves.
  • Fertilize moderately on nutrient-poor soils during growth
  • Cut leaves after withering and overwinter tubers cool and dark.
  • With appropriate winter protection, garden amaryllis are moderately hardy in mild climates. Tubers can remain in the soil with proper protection. Winter protection from a layer of bark mulch or peat.

The Amaryllis - a special kind of flower dream

The Amaryllis impresses with huge colorful blossoms. With optimal care, she pleases the gardener for many years with her splendor.

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