Aluminum: Fence for Life

Aluminum: Fence for Life

The fence in front of the house protects against unauthorized entry and delimits reliably. Aluminum is easy to care for and looks like new even after years.

Neighbors with wooden fence are just jealous of the property boundary: Once the aluminum partition has been built, there is not much to do. Wash with warm water, that's enough. Every few years brushed off dirt or dirt and otherwise run water from the watering can over the fence - that sounds more like a holiday than a job.

Allrounder Aluminum

The Alu property border does not rust like their counterparts wrought iron. Already during its production aluminum receives a protective coating, which prevents the corrosion. For this reason, the earth metal is so popular in all outdoor areas. In addition, although the material is one of the light metals, but is torsionally rigid in profile shape. So the fence is always stable.

Classic, modern, always chic

And then he looks good too. Fences and gates made of aluminum are available in all imaginable styles. Whether modern or classic, simple or expensive, almost everything is possible. Reason: its easy formability. At the same time, the material does not break and warp. This way even filigree models can be produced easily. The spectrum ranges from rods and profiles, to traditional waveguards and round palisades, to stakes and battens. With the right powder coating, Alu even looks like it's wood.


Anyone looking around at the aluminum fences market quickly realizes that the offer is varied and the costs vary greatly. Such an easy-to-maintain property boundary has its price. Differences arise, for example, through tailor-made or powder coating. Here are various types of order. Some manufacturers coat the material solvent-free and environmentally friendly. The extraction of aluminum is finally ecologically questionable. After all, it can be completely recycled.

Significant is the temperature at which the color powder hardens. The hotter the firing, the more stable the coating. Finally, the quality of the dry paint used determines whether the moisture on the surface rolls off. If the conditions are perfect, the fence is extremely scratch and impact resistant.

The devil is in the detail

Meter-long fences are inevitably made of different parts. Transitions are the critical places. Only screws made of high-quality stainless steel ensure that connectors do not rust, no ugly spots occur and the fence remains stable.

Build fence: what does it cost?

These and many other questions we answer in the price radar around the topic fence.

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