Alternatives to Wallpaper - Creative Suggestions

Alternatives to Wallpaper - Creative Suggestions

Wallpaper is just one of many ways to make interior walls. For example, wood cladding is an alternative.

Painting concrete with wall paint

A simple and simple alternative to wallpaper is concrete. So that the room does not go down in a uniform gray, it is recommended to paint the concrete walls. Concrete requires careful preparation, where it is cleaned, sealed and primed. Afterwards, there are no limits to the imagination when it comes to color design.

Plaster on the walls

For interior walls, plaster types such as gypsum plaster or lime cement plaster can be used. A Mediterranean flair attracts with the clay plaster used in the Mediterranean, which ensures a pleasant indoor climate. Structure plaster invites to realize different effects with trowels or other tools. Anyone who spares no effort turns the freshly plastered wall into a fresco.

Masonry as a rustic alternative

Masonry is not only attractive on exterior walls, but a rustic alternative for wallpaper in interiors. In living rooms and kitchens, no more than one wall should be provided with masonry for visual reasons. Masonry is well suited for the cladding of chimney shafts. If you do not want to build walls, use a masonry photo wallpaper.

Noble wood paneling instead of wallpaper

Wood is a noble alternative to wallpaper. For whole walls, a vertical wood paneling is suitable. White wood paneling is ideal for country house kitchens and bathrooms as well as for children's rooms. The Shabby Chic living style likes to fall back on white glazed wooden walls. Antique character gives a half-height wood paneling with rectangular, plastic wood panels.

Effects with cotton plaster

Cotton plaster, also called liquid wallpaper, can be used seamlessly on walls, columns and around windows and niches. Cotton plaster is durable, breathable and can absorb and release a lot of moisture. Liquid wallpaper is available in different colors and with interesting structural effects, so that individual walls can be designed.

Fabrics for a glamorous ambience

Anyone who uses old baroque castles as a model for their own interior design will stick their walls to fabrics. Cotton, linen or decorative fabrics are ideal for this. Baroque fabrics create a glamorous and elegant atmosphere. It gets more discreet with floral fabrics, striped, dotted or plain fabrics.

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