Alternative to Shower Curtains - The Most Beautiful Ideas

Alternative to Shower Curtains - The Most Beautiful Ideas

A shower curtain can become moldy and unsightly - offering an alternative including shower cubicles, roller blinds or shower walls.

In the case of a shower enclosure, it should be noted that it can be wiped off, is not soaked in water and can withstand descaling. Most natural materials are out of the question.

Shower curtain for shower and bath tub

A shower curtain is a cheap alternative for the shower curtain. It is suitable for shower cubicles and bathtubs if they also serve as a shower tray. The advantage is that the roller blind hangs smoothly and without drapery and dries well.

Mold formation is a lower risk than with a shower curtain. Shower roller blinds are available in a variety of designs from simple to elaborate.

Shower walls as an alternative to bathtubs

Shower walls are a classic in showers that are mounted in the bathtub. The shower walls stand on the bath and have two to three joints. They can be pushed together, if not showered. Shower walls are easy to clean because they are easy to wipe off and can withstand descaling.

Elegant in the bathroom, glass shower walls without a frame look great. Cheaper versions are made of plastic.

Fixed shower cubicle instead of shower curtain

A fixed shower cubicle with entrance doors does not require pushing together and is a practical alternative for the curtain. Chic are heavy models made of safety glass, which are available without frame. Plastic shower cabins are cheaper and lighter.

There are models for corner showers and showers with one side against the wall. Hinged doors or sliding doors are the usual type of door.

Natural stone shower

If you are planning a home or are not worried about renovations, the bathroom has a natural stone shower stall, such as granite. Ideal and practical is a shower corner with an open entryway facing away from the shower.

Granite is available in different colors from yellowish to reddish to brown tones. A shower stall made of natural stone fits a washbasin made of the same stone.

Pure luxury - the Japanese shower cubicle

If you want to enjoy a good shower, build a Japanese-style shower in your home. The Japanese shower cubicle is a small room of several square meters, in which the shower has plenty of space. The interior is completely waterproof.

The shower cubicle contains a bathtub and a waterproof floor with a freely attached shower. Whoever takes a shower here has all the space in the world.

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