Adventure Moving

Adventure Moving

Before each move, the question arises as to which removal company to hire. The choice of moving companies is increasing every day, and unfortunately there are "black sheep" among them.

How to protect yourself from scammers and unnecessary stress

Do not be fooled by vendors, such as those in the UK. Advertise with the delivery of a free removal offer. This service is offered by every moving company. It is therefore no sign of special quality and it can give you an indication that it is a dubious provider. These ads are often found in newspapers and advertising papers.

Not always the cheapest is also the best moving company. Good work has its justified price. When selecting the removal company, pay particular attention to the qualifications and benefits of the company, otherwise unpleasant surprises might follow. You can easily avoid this by meeting with a representative of the removal company to clarify expiration, payment, and insurance issues.

The Relocation Firm of Your Trust

You can enjoy the greatest security when your Moving company is a member of a transport company association. This is a good guarantee that the company being considered is subject to good advice and support. Ask the company for membership. Companies that are members of the hauliers' association are marked separately at MyHammer and are thus easy to recognize. In addition, good craftsmen and service providers at MyHammer have a good evaluation profile. So the relocation worker can check in detail how satisfied the customers of the company have been with orders in the past.

If you have placed a call for tenders with MyHammer, relocation companies will contact you to arrange a viewing appointment. Alternatively, you can find a qualified removal company in the MyHammer business directory and arrange a viewing appointment yourself.
Have the road haulage permit / EU license and the proof of insurance on the date before you finally place the order. These confirm the professional suitability and general protection against damage during the move.

In any case, conclude a written removal contract, as this protects you against problems, especially in the event of damage to the removal goods. Keep everything else in writing and meticulously and always be attentive:

  • In the list of removals, all items that should be relocated should be listed.
  • Keep track of the work you are doing as a movers and who will let you do it. This also applies to disassembly, assembly and connection services (eg electric cookers)
  • Read the liability information (including liability disclaimers such as for works of art etc.) thoroughly to clarify open questions in advance
  • Clarify the terms of payment.
  • After unloading, carefully inspect the goods for damage and loss.

Usually a fixed price is agreed or billing at cost, depending on the volume that needs to be transported, the distance and other factors. The fixed price refers only to the services agreed in writing. All other services must be paid separately. Therefore, our tip is to be particularly thorough in the preparation of the service catalog and to list exactly all the items and activities to be performed.

How to Avoid Trouble

To protect yourself from annoyance in the event of damage, you should work with the removal company employees to create a claims history. It contains all damage already present before transport. Photos often help to document damage.
If your items are damaged by the move, you must then document them in writing and notify the responsible company in writing after the statutory complaint deadlines. Externally visible damage, e.g. a broken mirror must be reported in writing to the removal company within one day.
Damage that can not be detected externally must be reported within 14 days at the latest.

The content of this guide "Adventure Transfer" comes from the "Fuhrgewerbe-Guild Berlin- Brandenburg eV ".

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