Advent decoration from the garden: naturally decorated for Christmas

Advent decoration from the garden: naturally decorated for Christmas

A Christmas-decorated apartment creates a cozy atmosphere. Home-made Advent decoration from our own garden and nature is quickly conjured.

To decorate the apartment for Christmas, many beautiful things can be collected from nature, which can be your own four walls to a real Christmas paradise. When collecting crafting ideas and crafting utensils, you need a fine eye, but it's easy on your wallet.

Collecting nature materials for Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations from nature are individual and offer many design options. For collecting, a walk through the garden and through the forest is recommended. Tree bark, cones colorful leaves, withered flowers, for example from hydrangea or other plants, are well suited.

Materials made of wood such as twigs and branches, but also pine cones, acorn caps, lichen-covered branches or dried seeds of long grasses or Perennials, make a lot and can be used to craft cute Advent deco. Silver spray and gold spray upgrade every deco from nature.

Craft Ideas for Advent Decor from Your Own Garden

An Advent wreath can be easily tinkered and decorated with fir branches, but also with dry branches from the garden. The wreath looks even more beautiful with a few small cones of pine, perhaps sprinkled with gold paint. Bark is a wonderful decoration for the nativity scene, it gives Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus the right backdrop when they behind the crib wall

Simple branches from the garden of evergreen plants, which are decorated with balls on the table, also evoke a beautiful Christmassy atmosphere.

Pine cones, acorns and branches as crafting material

Pine cones not only bring visual cones Christmas atmosphere in the apartment, they smell good too. It is important to dry them well before use as a decoration. If they are moist, they close, in the opened state they look simply prettier. If you hang several pine cones as a garland and maybe sprinkle them with Christmas gold and silver, this is a beautiful and simply made wall decoration for Christmas.

Small acorn caps can be glued together in a tealight wreath, but also branches and fir branches that surround a jam jar draped and cut to a common length, look great when held together with a nice drawstring and Christmas bow. For crafting simply put a rubber around the glass, stick the branches close to each other around the outside, fix with the cord, cut to the right length and remove the rubber.

A thick branch from the garden can serve as an advent calendar for that just 24 holes that are about 1.5 inches long and deep, drill into the branch. Small handwritten pieces of paper to small paper rolls roll, number, tied with a drawstring and stuck in the holes.

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