Adonis Roses - Care and Location

Adonis Roses - Care and Location

The unpretentious Adonis flower captivates in the right place its yellow, white, orange, or red flower heads.

Site and Soil Requirements vary

Although the Adonis flower is easy to maintain, it places high demands on site and soil. In gardens one finds most often the spring Adonisröschen (Adonis vernalis) and the Amur Adonisröschen (Adonis amurensis). All species belong to the dogbane family and are highly toxic to humans, horses, dogs, cats and rodents.

  • Location and soil requirements vary slightly from species to species.
  • Adonis amurensis prefers partially shaded areas.
  • Adonis vernalis and Adonis aestivalis (Summer Adonis) need highly permeable, moderately nutrient-rich, calcareous and alkaline soils.
  • Adonis amurensis thrives on fresh, well-drained, moderately nutrient-rich, neutral to slightly alkaline soils.
  • Do not place next to vigorous plants, they might displace this plant.
  • Planting in the rock garden, heather garden, in flower beds, between spring bloomers or in front of woody plants.
  • As long as possible to keep in the same location, the Adonis Roses thrive best.

The plant hardly needs care

The Adonis Roses known as blood eye, devil's eye or false hellebore grows compact, upright and bushy with appropriate care. The flowering time ranges from late autumn to spring, depending on the species. Pests and diseases pose no problem for this plant.

  • When planting, take into account the requirements of each species.
  • Planting distance of 25 to 30 centimeters is recommended.
  • Buy young plants and plant them in the garden in a timely manner.
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  • If necessary, prepare fertilizer after planting.
  • After fertilising, infuse.
  • The devil's eye is well hardy and can hibernate in the garden without protection.
  • Cover with spruce in cold locations only.
  • Propagation of Adonis is not always easy
  • Propagation of this plant is mostly by sowing, which may not always be successful is. A division tolerates this plant badly and dies in the worst case.

Propagation by sowing after flowering.

Sowing from March to beginning of September.

  • Seed seedy seeds and cover with soil in one or two seeds.
  • At twelve to eighteen degrees of soil temperature germinating within eight to ten days.
  • Division and transplanting not recommended because of the long taproots.
  • Devil's Eye, beautiful but not without danger
  • Adonis is an attractive plant to look for However, it should be avoided if children or pets could come into contact with it.

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