Kitchenette Adjust: No Back Pain in Kitchen Work

Kitchenette Adjust: No Back Pain in Kitchen Work

Many people suffer from back problems due to incorrect posture. Even the kitchen unit can become a problem zone if it does not have the ideal height.

A leaning forward posture stresses the intervertebral disc and leads to long-term damage to the back. Especially in a kitchen, with inappropriate working height, this can be the case. The work area should be adapted to the person who works mainly in the kitchen. It is ideal if all kitchen areas are designed for different heights.

To determine the correct dimensions, stand in front of the worktop with your arms bent. The distance from the surface of the worktop and the elbow should be between 12 and 15 centimeters. For the stove, this distance should be about 20 to 25 centimeters, so that a relaxed cooking is possible.

Possibilities to increase the number of kitchen units

In order to enable back-friendly work in the kitchen, it makes sense to use the working height of the existing kitchen Kitchenette adapt. The following options are available:

In principle, it is possible to place the entire kitchen unit on leveling feet, which are higher overall. Either these are newly worried or the existing ones are increased by pushing under blocks. In both cases, a specialist is required, as all leveling feet must have exactly the same height and then a new panel must be used.

A second option would be to install a higher worktop. For example, stone slabs such as granite are relatively thick, up to ten inches can be gained by it. In some cases, this can already be a sufficient increase in the kitchen unit.

Alternatively, you can increase the entire base on which the kitchen is located. For example, when a tiled pedestal is built. If the front side is tapped, the new cover disappears. In any case, this work should be done by a specialist, as only precise working leads to the desired result.

The correct height of the work surface is quite a value

Especially when it comes to home ownership, it's worthwhile keeping the kitchen unit to the right one Height adjustment, after all, the kitchen is a very important area of ​​the house and no one wants to suffer in the long term under tension or back pain, if it is simply avoidable.

When planning a kitchen new kitchen, it makes sense to seek advice. Kitchen appliances such as ovens and the correct height of the wall units are also important for an ergonomically sound kitchen.

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