Across the Pond: Moving by Sea

Across the Pond: Moving by Sea

Moving to distant countries must be carefully considered and organized.

What should and what is better for home?

The entry and customs regulations of some countries are very strict. Nobody can take his beloved leather couch or duvet into the USA as the import of animal products is prohibited. In New Zealand it is not allowed to carry soil, plants or seeds. Even a second-hand lawnmower has little chance of being allowed into the country.

In addition to the statutory provisions, those who are willing to move should also think of special technical features. A German television does not use anything in the US, a possibly necessary conversion of a car is often more expensive than to sell the car in Germany and to buy a new car locally.

The choice of the transport company

A normal freight company is for not equipped a move. These usually expect a properly packed container, which is only to bring to the port. Many international moving companies offer a better service. Employees can help when packing and loading the containers.

If you want to pack yourself in a Überseuvenzug, you have to think of a detailed general cargo list and enter all the details, usually in English, in appropriate forms. Mixed household goods or gardening equipment are not sufficient as information. The papers have the forwarder. They are also available at the customs of the country of entry.

It makes sense to catch up on and compare different offers. Most companies offer a simple service without packing service and a comfort service. In the latter, the employees do all the work. Most companies deliver the cargo to a seaport in the destination country. Some companies are working with local removal companies to bring the furniture to the new apartment.

Seafreight packaging sizes

Those who only want to take their personal belongings and clothes with them need a sturdy Movebox, a particularly strong carton. This is available in two sizes: 1.3 and 2.6 cubic meters. Most companies pick up the box and ship it as consolidated freight to a seaport. From there the collection container continues to its destination.

A so-called Überseeliftvan is available in sizes 5.8 and 11.6 cubic meters. In these is enough space to take along dishes or some selected pieces of furniture. The lift vans are made of solid wood and are also picked up by the removal companies. The transport takes place as consolidated freight.

Overseas containers have either 32 or 64 cubic meters. The small size is enough for apartments up to 40 square meters. The larger container is sufficient up to a living space of 100 square meters. It is better to estimate more container space for safety. If a container is not full, it is possible to provide free space for groupage freight.

Self-packing is not always advisable

Freight is insured. If something is damaged during transport, there is the question of a packaging error in the room. Those who let the specialist company pack are on the safe side. Of course, it is cheaper if you pack the Umzugsgut yourself. You will have to pay for the boxes you need.

For a large liftvan cartons are needed for just € 220. The packaging service costs about 580 euros, the necessary boxes are included in this price. Moving from Cologne to New York costs around € 2,400 with packing service and € 1,650 plus € 220 for cardboard boxes.

Costs for moving

These costs refer to the large Liftvan (11.6 cubic meters). If the entire household of a two-bedroom apartment with, a 20-foot overseas container is necessary. Without packing service, it costs about 2,100 euros with transport, with the service 4,200 euros. For packaging the household goods, about 1,200 euros are to be estimated for cardboard boxes.

It may take a few weeks for the freight to arrive at the destination port. Airfreight is faster. However, the container for the air freight must not be packed, since the weight distribution is important. The freight costs at least two euros per kilogram. An empty container weighs about 4,000 kilograms. So it only makes sense to send individual pieces, which should be on the spot, by plane.

The above prices are average prices from the year 2014.

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